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This page shows a video of a major state of the art confectionery plant using MFG Composite Plastic Starch Trays and also a General introduction video to MFG Tray, USA.

During the depositing and drying of gummy candies in a starch mogul system, the shapely products need to be moved along the line.

Confectionery manufacturer, Gumi Gida, of Istanbul, Turkey, chose MFG Tray, of Linesville, PA, to provide a complete line of starch trays for handling its products.

Gumi Gida produces quality gummy items for international markets. These march from the factory in shapes ranging from fish, hearts, cakes and berries to cola bottles, worms, alligators and tarantulas. They include licensed products such as SpongeBob, Barbie and Bakugan jelly gum with fruit juice, and Yummy Gummy bowls.

According to Gumi Gida’s website, the firm stresses quality advancement in safety, materials, technology and research and development. The video below depicts each employee’s attention to food safety when entering the factory to careful use of starch in the moulding process through the final packaging lines.

As the camera approaches the mogul, the starch trays can be seen in vertical stacks.

MFG Tray’s fiber-reinforced composite starch trays are designed to integrate with regular- and jumbo-sized moguls; they can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from - 60 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and feature exceptional stacking ability and will not sag or warp under heavy loads. Contoured corners will not trap moisture or starch residue, and radial edges and recessed ends facilitate handling.

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