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MFG have specialised in the manufacture and supply of plastic composite starch trays since 1972.

The trays can be supplied to replace existing wooden starch trays or for completely new mogul lines.

MFG have an extensive range of moulds, accumulated from their long and highly successful experience in the business and have in excess of 50 standard mould dies that can be pulled off the shelf.

If your starch tray requirement matches their existing mould specifications, then this will save mould development time and cost.

Alternatively MFG have extensive experience and knowledge which will allow them to build new moulds to replace old wooden trays of unique dimensions or make new trays to match new mogul / product requirements.

                      MFG Plastic Composite Tray                   MFG Composite Plastic Starch Tray on Mogul Line

                                                       MFG Composite Plastic Starch Trays                

This is a brief overview of the MFG Composite Starch Tray range.   

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