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Based in Linesville, PA, MFG has the largest composite starch tray production facility in the world. The Linesville production facility is part of the MFG Group which has been moulding fibre glass products since 1952 and has supplied some very high profile products including the fibre glass body shell for the Corvette sports car.

Back in the early ‘70s the use of composite trays on mogul lines was just beginning and MFG were at the forfront of the development. Having encountered a customer who had attempted to change from wood to plastic, but found their plastic trays had lacked dimensional stability MFG started making the starch trays from composite plastic with multidirectional fibres for strength and stability. This was a revolutionary product as it was the first time that this type of material had been used in the production of starch trays. Over many years major customers including Kraft Foods, Haribo, Mederer, Katjes Fassin, Nestle and Cadbury’s have taken to the trays replacing old wooden starch trays and specifying the MFG composite starch trays for new production sites.

This a brief overview of the manufacturing capabilities of MFG, USA.



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