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X-DTECT - A revolutionary x-ray detectable material for starch trays

MFG Tray Launches X-DTect™ - A revolutionary x-ray detectable material.

– Predicted to Change “Best Practices”

Initially developed for MFG Tray composite plastic starch trays, X-DTect™ is MFG Tray’s newest composite material offering. X-DTect™ is a patent pending composite material made from high-strength, glass-reinforced composites specifically formulated for x-ray detection.

With this new innovative material, production line detection can be achieved down to 1 mm3.

“This revolutionary X-DTect™ composite material will allow companies to better protect their customers and their brand reputation with frontline prevention. It will also change the way companies think about best practices,” said Larry Acker, pharmaceutical product line manager at MFG Tray.


Key features of X-DTect™:


  • X-ray detection down to 1 mm3.
  • Inherent fibreglass strength and durability
  • Available in mogul starch tray, ventilated drying, gum, and holding trays.
  • Can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C)
  • Maximum reliability in production management
  • Product recall prevention and protection
  • A “best practice” product quality assurance solution for contamination detection
  • EEC Directives 2002/72/EC and amendments up to 2005/79/EC for global migration


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