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Replacing old wooden starch trays

MFG Trays are designed to integrate with all regular and jumbo sized moguls

MFG Trays are designed to operate with the customer’s current wood trays, eliminating the need to replace all of the wooden trays at once. It is important to note that there is no difference in the drying times of products manufactured in plastic trays versus wooden trays.

MFG Plastic trays can be mixed with wooden trays as the wood trays are phased out of production and are designed to interstack with existing wooden trays. The wooden trays can then be replaced on a scheduled replacement programme rather than require a large initial investment to replace all the trays at one time.


When replacing old wooden starch trays MFG will examine a representative range of samples of the wooden starch trays in order to determine the final dimensions and characteristics of the new composite plastic starch tray replacements.  Samples will be taken of wooden trays in different stages of age and wear as well as a selection of trays supplied by different manufacturers over the years.


MFG have replaced wooden trays at many major confectionery companies, in many cases successfully replacing hundreds of thousands of wooden trays.

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